About Us
We are passionate about creating good quality food!

Kenko Food Sdn Bhd is a producer of healthy fish balls, fish cakes, and related seafood products.

Our commitment is to produce foods that uses only natural and genuine ingredients. 



Kenko Food (KF) was founded in 1998. Our principal activity is food processing, primarily focusing on the manufacturing of fish balls, fish cakes and related seafood products.
Our initial venture was fresh produce for the local market which are raw and chilled fish foods. Over the years, we have expanded and offers a bigger range of value added products which are based on fish meat and seafoods. Our range of frozen foods are individually quick frozen (IQF).

It is Kenko's goal to comply with international standards on food safety (currently ISO 22000, HACCP) and good manufacturing practices. The priorities we place on Food Safety is based on our belief and experience that commercial success and good food safety practice and performance are long-term compatible goals.


Our Guiding Values is part of our company culture. The ethical standards represented in these values are expected from employees at every level of our organization. These are:

Showing respect for our People.
Conducting business with Integrity.
Taking Responsibility for our actions.
Providing products of the highest Quality.
Focusing on Productivity at every level of business.
Pursuing and supporting Innovation every day.


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